Signs of Extreme Depression and when to Seek Emergency Help

Extreme depression has intense symptoms such as significant weight loss, loss of appetite, sleep problems and even frequent thoughts of suicide or death. Such depression is severe and it can paralyze a person. A person suffering from this depression can isolate themselves or even have difficulties in leaving their houses or waking up. Usually, depression starts as a common illness. It is milder at first with the suffer struggling with milder symptoms like anger, irritability and fatigue. These symptoms can last for several weeks with depression interfering with the daily life of a person including their relationships. If untreated, mild depression becomes extreme or severe.


There are several signs and symptoms that should tell you that your depression has now become extreme. They include drug or alcohol abuse, irritability, excessive sleeping or insomnia, losing interest in activities that you once find enjoyable, hopelessness, thinking about bad things persistently, contemplating suicide or thinking about death and attempting to commit suicide. There are cases where a patient has psychotic symptoms. These include delusions or hallucinations. Although a patient can feel hopeless, depression can be treated even if it is already extreme. You need to contact a professional mental health care provider to find out more about the available treatment options.

Risk factors

Not every person that has risk factors will have depression that reaches extreme levels. Additionally, mental illnesses like depression have common risk factors. These include past history of abusing substances or attempting to commit suicide, suicide history in the family, history of substance abuse or mental illness in the family, presence of firearms in a home, hopelessness feelings and incarceration. All these are common risk factors of extreme or severe depression.

When it becomes an emergency

If a patient has suicidal thoughts, extreme or severe depression should be treated as an emergency. To seriously depressed persons, suicide is usually a real threat. Approximately 30,000 people commit suicide in the United States every year. The real number of suicide cases might be higher.To overcome this suicides take patient for online test who are suffering with depressions. There are cases of suicide that are not recognized because they are considered as drug overdose, accidents or even shootings. In people whose depression is untreated, more than 15 percent of them end up killing themselves.

Warning signs

There are warning signs that you should be careful about if you are living with a depressed person. A person that talks about wanting to kill themselves or die should be taken to an emergency room immediately. If a depressed person attempts to find a way of killing themselves or looking for ways of purchasing a gun, seek professional help for them immediately. You should be warned that the situation is getting out of control if a person says that they do not have a reason for living or if they feel hopeless. Other signs of extreme or severe depression include unbearable pain, increase drugs or alcohol abuse, feeling isolated, excessive sleeping, and feeling agitated with extreme, daily mood swings. If you or a loved one depicts these signs, then depression is extreme. Visit  treatment center to get the best help with extreme depression.